Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM): Providing a Comprehensive View of a Business for Measuring and Communicating Success

Testing Planet offers services as a one-stop shop for all Enterprise Performance Management needs, and helps you drive value from a financial, customer and shareholder perspective.?

Testing Planet's Hyperion and EPM solutions provide a comprehensive view of the business, which links inputs from all critical stakeholders, providing a framework for measuring and communicating success. The system aims at moving beyond operations and driving value from a financial, customer, and shareholder perspective. With 20 years of experience delivering analytic applications that extend visibility into the enterprise and beyond, Testing Planet helps you articulate and seamlessly implement an end-to-end EPM strategy for your business. Leveraging a combination of EPM solutions as well as proprietary financial templates, driver-based planning models, BI scorecards, and acceleration tools, we help you drive value from a financial, customer and shareholder value perspective.

Key Elements:

Hyperion and EPM Services

Testing Planet serves as a one stop shop for all EPM needs, helping you manage the implementation/migration process from start to finish. Our services include: