SmartMigrate for SAP HANA

Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA®: An automated and comprehensive solution for data & analytics platform consolidation

Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® provides seamless migration of all your (custom & SAP) applications to SAP HANA.

CIOs and IT leaders face the challenge of the nexus of forces – a convergence of emerging and transformational technology trends such as big data, cloud, mobility, social, high performance computing, and self-service BI. Leaders need to simplify their overall technology landscape – and consolidation and unification of the myriad disparate systems they currently deploy is a must for this simplification.

While organizations traditionally have used data to control the performance, leading organizations in the digital era, exploit the big data to excel. Big Data Analytics redefines not only the information landscape but also the data and analytics platforms. Existing and traditional BI environments including Data, Analytics and Reporting platforms are not suitable for the demanding big data analytics and self-services BI initiatives.

SAP HANA, a high Performance, in-memory real time data and analytics platform has emerged as a compelling platform of choice to equip the needs of digital transformation to leverage ever-increasing data volumes and analytics demands.

However, to realize the benefits from adopting SAP HANA, companies also have to migrate their existing databases, legacy infrastructure environments and application environments (both, custom and SAP applications). Manual migration efforts take a long time, are error-prone, require significant technical expertise, often result in effort and cost overruns and do not yield desired outcomes.

Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive, automated solution for database migration to SAP HANA. It also offers a complete, advisory-based, time-bound migration of data structures, data, constraints, SQL objects, along with testing and validation, performance bench-marking and post-implementation support.

Combined with our complimentary solution – Testing Planet SmartMigrate™, which automates the migration of Analytics and reporting environments, Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® provides an end-to-end solution to migrate data-analytics-reporting environments and to seamlessly migrate custom and SAP application environments on SAP HANA both on-premises and cloud environments for all channels rich web and mobile.

Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® provides a comprehensive risk free, 'no pain – only gain' migration solution to SAP HANA, achieving as high as 90% automation.

Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® supports automated out-of-the-box migration from Oracle / SQL Server / Teradata platforms (including data warehouses, spatial data) to SAP HANA. Its pluggable architecture helps to extend the migration to other legacy database environments as well. Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® supports running migrations either on an interactive or batch mode – thus providing the flexibility of having supervised or unsupervised migrations.

Why Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA®

The benefits and unique value of Testing Planet SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® can be summarized as follows: