Geospatial Solutions

Testing Planet's Geospatial Fusion™ Solution fuses information, applications and processes of an enterprise into a seamless architecture to produce world class business value.

Today, organizations are confronted with many challenges including disparate business systems, high costs, shortage of technical resources, budget pressures, and longer product development life cycles which often delay ROI. Testing Planet's Geospatial Fusion™ Solution provides a framework to integrate disparate systems using seamless configuration techniques, cutting down costs and development time. The versatility of Testing Planet's Geospatial Fusion™ Solution's Framework allows partners to extend the capabilities of their solutions to create cost effective integration and improve time to market.

At the heart of Testing Planet's Geospatial Fusion™ Solution is Testing Planet OnPoint™, which extends the value of legacy systems and GIS investments by enabling cross functional integration and creating additional business and operational intelligence. It helps create business value by unlocking hidden information and making it available in a context appropriate for any level of decision-making. The fusion of maps and business data empowers executives to obtain timely and accurate operational facts required to achieve business objectives.


Value Proposition: