Testing Planet offers a host of customized solutions for the retail industry, including systems for advanced planning and scheduling, inventory management and merchandizing.

With the increase in globalization of retailers both in terms of their points-of-sale, as well as their points-of-supply, the Information Technology (IT) spend in the retail sector has increased considerably and plays an increasingly important role in managing the complexity of retail operations.

IT systems are at the heart of retail operations and hence play a central role in alleviating pressure points in the retail sector. The converse also holds true—retailers who do not manage their IT landscape effectively will find that, in time, the IT systems become part of the problem rather than components of the solution. This is particularly true for IT systems that can significantly influence cost of goods sold in the retail sector; for example advanced planning and scheduling systems, inventory management systems and merchandizing systems. Additional systems that share a crucial role in retail operations are the promotional and seasonality management systems that, when leveraged effectively, can increase the top-line revenues for the retailer.


Testing Planet helps brings together key operational, financial and clinical indicators to enhance performance.

The healthcare industry is challenged to improve operational, clinical and financial performance because of data that is isolated between best of breed clinical, financial and other health systems. It is the information buried in the white space between these systems that contain the insights needed for innovation. We help customers uncover the insights buried in their systems, and also enable them to focus on reducing their IT costs by simplifying their support infrastructure and IT complexity in the areas of Clinical System Hosting, Interoperability & Security and Identity Management. Through our Healthcare Solutions, we help customers enhance their performance by bringing together the key operational, financial and clinical indicators that improve patient care and the health of the organization.